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Title: Minor System Changes
Topic started: 03/27/15 08:05
Author: vorgrist
Total Replies: 2
There will be minor changes to the XPV of DoT effects (damage over time). There will be changes to controlling, and stopping DoT effects. Those changes will be expounded below as they are fleshed out then added to Principia and to the DoE book.
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04/01/15 07:47  - vorgrist

About DoT Effects:
Current system uses "S" for the strength of the toxin, in other words the amount of damage the toxin does at each incremental application.

Current system uses "D" for the duration of the toxin, or the number of rounds during which that the toxin will be applied once.

There are two other attributes that could easily be added in order to vary toxins and to add functionality to the formula. I will outline them, give my two cents and ask for your input.

I see a use case due to granularity, but I do not think it enhances playability and may only serve to add complexity and lethality. For these reasons, I'm very unsure of this option and do not recommend it. FREQUENCY as I see it is outlined below.

"F" for frequency, is the frequency of the application of the effects. This opens a can of worms that may require modification to "D" above. In essence, "F" would indicate how often a toxin is applied. If "D" is still an attribute, then it would mean that the value of "F" would indicate how often EACH ROUND the toxin is applied, for the number of rounds indicated in "D". For example, D5F2 would indicate that the toxin is applied twice per round for 5 rounds. (Phases can be very deadly while Turns can be difficult to remember to track over time, while Rounds are unchanged except for terminology and notation.)

If "F" were to replace "D", then "F" could indicate the frequency as Phase, Round, Turn and its value would indicate the number of applications, so FR5 would translate to a frequency of once per round for 5 rounds, while FP4 would translate to a frequency of once per phase for 6 phases.

I see a use case more for realism than for playability; however, the the attribute of toxin as outlined below does seem playable and does have some merit as it does not fundamentally change the way toxins take affect, but rather changes their likelihood of being resisted. Remember, toxins are resisted for half damage/effect.

"R" for resistance, or the modifier to the target's resistance roll. This does present a small challenge in notation since in DoE "Bonuses" are a negative number and "Penalties" are a positive number, i.e. a Penalty of 3 (-3) to a CON check of 11+ increases the check value from 11+ to 14+; while a Bonus of 2 (+2) to a CON check of 9+ decreases the check value from 9+ to 7+. Ahhh math! So, where notation takes a turn is that when writing and deciphering resistance, either we need to be at ease with the inversion, or we need to notate in reverse of rest of the system. Let me illustrate.

A toxin of S4D4R-2 could be interpreted as dealing 4 HP damage for 4 rounds, but may be resisted at a penalty of 2. Thus the target must succeed a CON check penalized by 2 (this is the interpretation that I like). Conversely, S4D4R-2 one could interpret the "R-2" portion as a reduction in the value of the check, thus increasing the likelihood of success (no likey). Just looking at it, it seems that the first illustration is the most logical.

Further, S4D4R+2 would mean that the target would save with a bonus of 2 to his CON check.

Where does that leave toxins that do not have a Resistance penalty or bonus? Are the noted like this: S4D4R0, S4D4R-0, S4D4R+0, or simply S4D4? I'm inclined toward S4D4R0 for consistency, but I like the look of the shorthand S4D4 better.

Anyway, PLEASE chime in. Let me know if you like any of the options, none of the options, or if you have other options for consideration, or what you do or do not like about them.

04/02/15 14:28  - vorgrist

Minor changes to weaponry modifiers: Bleed, Blight, Corrosive, Drain, and Venom have been made, please see skills in Principia.

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