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Title: UPDATED - Modifications
Topic started: 06/23/11 07:44
Author: vorgrist
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The affected skills are those which are not commonly referred to as Weapon Proficiencies, but may be modified by the skills Weapon Specialization or Group Specialization. These skills are those such as Street Fighting, Martial Arts, Natural Weaponry - Claws, etc. Further; it allows these skills to easily be mounted as weapons in the weapon box on the c-sheet… quite nice. The addition of these mountable skills has not been made to all affected characters. That will have to be done manually by the character owner or the GM in active campaigns.

The change to these skills is in the code; how the skills appear throughout the lists and on c-sheets is unaffected. This change affects all characters.
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06/26/11 23:32  - vorgrist

++ Site Mechanical ++

Fixed an issue resolving ToHit where non-proficiency ToHit scores greater than 18+ were reduced to 18+.

Fixed an issue where archery did not resolve to WP: <BOW> for purposes of allowing the addition of WS: <BOW>.

Fixed an issue where THROWN weapons resolved ToHit incorrectly or not at all. All THROWN weapons are now written to two lines of statistics: one for THROWN and one for MELEE.

Fixed an issue where WS: bonuses were incorrectly applied.

Fixed an issue where list of available weapons in which to specialize was incomplete or inaccurate.

++System Changes++

Modified EUs of several pieces of equipment.

Modified EU/Qty ratio of several bulk goods in Equipment List.

06/30/11 15:36  - vorgrist

WP's now resolve for addition to c-sheets properly such that weapons of the NATURAL and UNARMED groups cannot be selected.

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