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Topic started: 10/18/10 15:03
Author: bbarnes
Total Replies: 5
Hey guys!!! It's renewal time. Given things as they are, I can't afford to keep the site up, so I am going to let it lapse. If somebody wants to pony up the $120 bucks for renewal, or find a different home for the DOE site (must support ASP), great. Otherwise, this site will be shutting down by the end of year.
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10/18/10 22:18  - bhille

I'll chip in a share. I'm sure we can dredge up 12 Unicorn horns somewhere in the etherwebs to make this easier for everyone. Be happy to make a paypal transfer if'n you can provide some details.

Any ideas on another host?

10/19/10 00:28  - vorgrist


10/30/10 23:30  - dakhran

Worse comes to worst, if the site goes down, send me an archive of the source and database, I'd be interested in converting it to Django/Python and hosting it -- I have a VPS at Slicehost. It's on Linux, so running an ASP site would be somewhat challenging...

11/02/10 15:29  - vorgrist

I have paid for hosting for Dawn of Eana through 2015. I realize taht it is tacky to ask for money for a labor of love, however, I will be placing a donate button on the site once it is moved to my webhost.

The server will handle asp, however, I may need some help from Bill to get it functioning once moved. I should be ready to move the site this week.

11/02/10 17:09  - vorgrist

The site has been moved.

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