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Title: House Rule: DSR and Safehaven
Topic started: 02/03/10 14:35
Author: vorgrist
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Some of you may recall how weird the rules are in the DoE book in order to sever a target's limb. They are cumbersome at best.

After lengthy discussion whereupon John Horrell came up with a very good solution.

Critical Strike to Sever-
An attacker may declare a critical strike to sever a target's limb, be it through a clean slice or trauma (ergo, weapon type does not matter). A successful Critical Strike to Sever inflicts normal (not doubled) damage. If the damage from that strike exceeds the target's CON, the target must succeed a CON check or the limb is removed. Normal no form of healing can restore the limb, only the Preternatural Ability: Regeneration OR other forms of greater magic may be used to restore a lost limb. The special effects of a Critical Strike to Sever remain the same as described in the DoE reference book.
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