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Title: anybody home?
Topic started: 04/10/08 11:58
Author: Valkerie
Total Replies: 3
Hey guys.. what's going on here? for some reason I thot there was more to this site, like a char generator or the ever in flux magic system?

did this thing just drop off the collective radar last may? what's up with that?
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04/15/08 22:43  - bhille

Well, speaking for myself, it's been a really a humdinger of a year and I cut most of my non-essential activities (would like to date my wife someday soon). ;)
It's been tugging at me tho.
hoping to get back to some play by email or - dare to dream - play online gaming soon.

04/17/08 22:51  - vorgrist

Arrrgh. My life has been chock full too! I had planned on starting DSR up again in April, but i've not had a chance to do it. As for character gen... yes it is here, but you have to go to Bone Yard to make a character. The flux magic that is included is Bill Barnes system of magic, based upon Arcanix but using mana. To accessit, you have to roll a character, then you on the character sheet, you have acceess to the spells creation engine. Arcanix is not online yet... mainly because I do not know how to code it. I wish I could or it would definatley be here.

04/27/08 22:50  - bbarnes



Hey everybody. Yes it seems we've all been attrociously busy. Presently, though I could be wrong, there are no active campaigns on this site though that could change at any moment.

Add is correct about character and spell gen, though the spell engine there isn't based off arcanix so much as ended up having a similar set of assumptions as arcanix after years of tinkering. It is as Gregg Cooke put it, Arcanix Lite, quick and dirty, easy to use, but not as versatile as Arcanix. Sadly, I have precious little time to code these days. You know... the children thing.

In any event, I'm going to be switching around the URL a bit. This site was initially meant to be an author site, so I'm going to stick one up in a few. Meanwhile, the DOE site will still be accessible either by going to or by

Which reminds me, Adam please redirect the former to the later if you have not done so already. :)

Keep that in mind folks. Otherwise you will go to an author site and be abjectly displeased.

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