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Topic started: 12/07/06 17:13
Author: bbarnes
Total Replies: 4
Added a basic spell builder to the site. Characters possessing magery will see a SPELLS link at the bottom of the cSheet. Use of this builder is by GM discretion. Freeform spell may still be added under "NOTES".

Spell builder is dirt ugly by the way. Apologies in advance. Leave comments/bugs under this message.
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12/08/06 13:15  - vorgrist

This looks a little like Arccanix, but it's not. I've only glossed over it. Will I be able to use this as a template to input Arcanix?

12/08/06 14:01  - bbarnes

Dunno. Not familiar with Arcanix. Can you send over the doc?

Working on a doc for this one.

Gregg has described this spell builder as "arcanix lite" before. Not sure if that's still apt.

I need to write some documentation for SB. Might as well post softcopy documents under aracana or something.

I need a drink.

12/11/06 12:18  - vorgrist

My thoughts:
1) place the spell builder(s) in Arcana.
2) In arcana make a grimoir that is filterable.
3) Spells built using the SB or Arcanix are automatically flagged as being associated with said spell system. That flag is searchable, along with other criteria.
4) Form the C-sheet, rather than "Create Spell" place an "Add Spell" wherein the player can search the database and add the spell by name or search and add.

When a user creates a spell, it gets added to the database. Later, a browser can find that or any other spell by punching in the right criteria.

12/28/06 12:47  - vorgrist

1) Characters need a 'Chosen Magic System' flag which gets marked during character creation.
2) Campaign Style Cheet should contain the following Radio Button for each magic system (Arcanix, Spell Smythe, Static Spells, and Freeform Magic): 'Allow', 'GM Approval', 'Deny'
3) Campaign Style Sheet should contain a 'Strict' checkbox for the whole magic section which will only allow characters whose chosen system is marked 'Allow'. Otherwise, they cannot be added tot he campaign. Further, spells from foreign systems will not be allowed to be added to C-Sheets in that campaign.

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