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Topic started: 11/29/06 13:13
Author: bbarnes
Total Replies: 9
The site lockdown is complete. Anybody who wants to post needs to register and login. I'ved cookied the login so you don't have to keep doing it everytime you visit the site.

Thanks for your patience everybody. Let me know if you hit any bugs.
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12/04/06 21:44  - bhille

So, how does one move a character from the bone yard to a campaign?

12/04/06 21:46  - bhille

Uh, never mind. Figgered it out for meself.

12/05/06 21:06  - bhille

I like the changes to the boneyard, character management, etc.

If you could create a new equipment class called innate or sci-fi or wetware that includes the ability to ingrain skills, weapons, armor, attribute bonuses and attribute penalties into the object, I will go ahead and do the grunt work of adding all the sci-fi character modifications to the site based on Adams Dark Horizons template.

A standard item would need the following - name, type (cyber gear, wetware, mutation), prerequisite, penalty 1, penalty 2, and maybe up to three slots for benefits (an extra arm mutation could grant an extra attack, and a pair could grant a bonus for grappling). Other fields would include drawbacks and description.

For another instance, a cybernetic-eye replacement would cost -0.4 will and would not, of itself grant benefits. However adding the item telescopic enhancer would cost an additional .4 will and would grant +1 to Perception (limit one per eye)

Some items, like bone lacing, penalize will, but boost con and armor, and still others take a bite out of charisma as well (gills, extra limbs).

these may need to tie to specific sci-fi classes/races as a prerequisite.

12/06/06 10:22  - bbarnes

The sci-fi enhancements need some logical work. Not sure how to implement those at this point. The closest thing we have is the artifacts template, but I don't think this is quite adequate.

The issue here is racial caps on attributes. I'll need to build another set of attribute mod fields in the database, then refit the csheets to wrap those into the mix. Not just a matter of adding records to a database.

I'm working on another mod at the moment, but will tackle this next, prolly in a month or so.

12/06/06 14:43  - vorgrist


I believe the artifact template to be the way to approach the wetware/cybergear issue. Some work needs to be done on the Artifact generator in several areas, but essentially, wetware an dcybergear work exactly like magic items. They add or subtract to to and from characters in ways that break the racial templates.

There needs to be a way that a piece of equipment can alter any facet (add, subtract, augment existing) of a character: Attributes, DEF, IM, HP, ToHit (all weapons or specific weapon), ToDam (all weapons or specific weapon), ToParry (all weapons or specific weapon), ToInit (specific weapon), Spell Slots, Spells Per Day, EUs, Skills and Abilities, Descriptions (eye, hair, etc.).

We should talk more about this.

12/06/06 20:07  - bhille

it looks like artifact lacks only a few fields to fit the bill. Perhaps a separate class, parallel to artifacts.

Key differences: Need to be able to subtract 4.8 will (perhapse have the sheet round off internally).
Need to be able to note prerequisites and drawbacks.
Since this technically isn't a fully automated system (we still roll dice in some way and enter the results by hand) It doesn't need to be 100 percent comprehensive.

Expand the description field so that it could include type (cyber, wetware, mutation) and any ancillary effects that don't necessarily need to be automated (grants extra attack, +1 to hit ranged for purpose of extending range only, con check to reduce the effect of poisons to 0/half damage if check fails)

I really see no need to automate a lot of this, since the GM and player will roll the dice by hand anyway and many of these things are situation specific, that can be handled in game mechanics ... "Grumwald tastes the wine like a good tester, but instantly his blood begins to boil as microscopic enzymes attack the black mantha venom in the cup..." roll...

One other change: mutations and cybergear shouldn't be as restrictive as artifacts. Currently there can only be one "dagger of hunting and stabbing" at any time in any campaign, however more than one character should be able to have a cybernetic eye in a sci-fi campaign.

Certainly the issue is academic for now, but to recap, a separate "artifacts" engine that gives more room for description, allows for duplication, and accounts for fractional penalties to will or con (cumulative) would fit the bill, I believe. ... type, prerequisites, and drawbacks are the only new fields it would need.

Oh, and I guess under armor, expand the possibillities to include damage types (gauss, albedo, ballistic...)

Both this and artifacts should have some capacity to grant skills, be triggered, etc.

12/06/06 20:19  - bhille

Also, I noticed I am not authorized as a GM to create artifacts or races or classes. I was going to put in the sci-fi races and classes.

12/06/06 20:20  - bhille

Or destroy characters in the Bone Yard.

12/07/06 11:25  - bbarnes


I've bumped you up to Architect status which should allow you to make mods to the principia. Might also work for the bone yard, not sure. If you need to delete something out of the boneyard, change ownership to yourself and then try.


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