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Topic started: 11/23/06 09:16
Author: bbarnes
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Character Sheet and Campaign Board lockdown complete.

From now on, only the owning GM and player can mod a character sheet, Players cannot adjust HP or XP.

Next up, Campaign and character management.
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11/24/06 14:29  - bhille

curiouser and curiouser.

Whether logged in or not, I can create characters, but cannot adjust them - no weapons, armor, notes, skills, experience, equipment, related skills do not show up as html links (or whatever)

I can manipulate older characters but nothing since the new security went up.


11/26/06 21:54  - bbarnes

Yeah, yeah. Didn't lock that down because I will eventually be removing the "add hero" link from the campaign detail.

Whever I can finish the character admin page, all new characters will be created in the bone yard, and then moved over by the gm.

patience, grasshopper.

11/27/06 22:01  - bhille

Meantime, my hands are tied.

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